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Causes of short height investigation and diagnosis,

Treatment of Short Height 


  Treatment of specific diseases
Medicines to increase Height
Growth hormone therapy
Other hormone therapy
Operations for height increase

The various treatments available for short height are as follows:
1) Treatment of specific diseases: Once we diagnose the cause of short height that disease is treated which is diagnosed, on detail history, examination & investigations. Once the cause for short height is found, then specific treatment for that disease started. Abnormalities of the thyroid gland, growth hormone deficiency, pituitary and abnormalities in the adrenal glands & other diseases are treated appropriately. - Normally once the disorder which is not allowing height to grow is corrected patient starts growing rapidly & patient achieves normal height. These medicines which are usually in form of tablets are not very costly & do not have any side effects. There are lot of mis-concept in society that height increasing medicines have side effect is not true. If the treatment is done by qualified hormone specialist there is not side effects. 

2) Macronutrient Therapy: Supplementation of high biological value & high bio-available protein & other macronutrients which are essential for normal height increase. 

3) Micronutrient Therapy: Supplementation of many micronutrients as zinc, Iron, selenium & other micronutrients which are essential for normal height increase.
4) Essential Vitamin Therapy: Supplementation of many vitamins as vitamin-d, cynocobalamine & other essential vitamins which are essential for normal height increase.

5) Growth Hormone therapy: Growth hormone treatment is given to all children with short height once the diagnosis of growth hormone confirmed. Growth hormone treatment is also effective in many cases of short height without growth hormone deficiency. We have vast experience in growth hormone therapy with lot of satisfied patients who had gained good height on growth hormone therapy under our treatment.

Growth hormone can be given as: 
a) Tablets to increase growth hormone secretion. 
b) Growth hormone analalogue tablets: There are certain tablets also which stimulates internal growth hormone leading to growth in height. 
c) Injection. of Growth hormone.
During growth hormone therapy we need to monitor


Measure every 3 monthly, adjust dose accordingly. 
Height Velocity 

Height velocity should be > 8 cm. In 1st year after that it should be maintained in normal range or above it by proper dosing. 
Aim is to attain individual height target according to M.P.H. 
Height Standard

Blood glucose Fasting & P.P. yearly. 
Laboratory Test 

: FT3, FT4 - at beginning and thereafter regularly 
: IGF-1 - Yearly (optional) to check compliance & G.H. Dose 

Response of growth hormone therapy: once we start the growth hormone therapy the growth becomes very fast virtually double during first year of treatment. After which height increase remains 1.5 times more than of previous years. 

6) Replacement of other Pituitary Hormone in Hypopituitarism 

1) Thyroid hormone 

replace thyroxine hormone per kg. Body weight according to age of child
2) Cortisol replacement


Give minimum cortisol in TDS divided 
3) genital steroid replacement


Started little later unless child is psychologically worried
4) ADH replacement


ADH nasal spray at night - 1 spray. 

Monitoring of other Pituitary Hormone: Free, T3, Free T4, Plasma Cortisol, Urinary osmolality, - Urine specific gravity 

Response of treatment: In one studies out of 13 children of Growth Hormone Diseases in whom treatment started at young age continued for sufficient time then out 13 children 8 exceeded their genetic height potential, only 3 failed to attain an adult height in target range. So by present day of early diagnosis & treatment of short height we expect almost all children of short child to reach there genetic target heights. 

Operations for Height Gain: There are many surgical procedures which can be done to gain height even when other options fail. This mode of treatment is used when all other medicines fail to increase height. The gain in height with this surgery / surgical treatment is in the tune of up to 15cm i.e. 6 inches. This treatment is last hope for those desperate patients who want to gain height. Increase in height to normal increases there confidence.

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