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Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

  What is PCOD
Why Pcod Occurs
Investigation & Diagnostic Tests

Investigation & Diagnostic Tests:

Following tests will be required to diagnose the cause of Pcod / Pcos, & to decide whether it is primary or secondary & what is its severity.
Complete hormone profile: LH, FSH, total testosterone, free testosterone, Androstenidione, SHBG, 17 HYDROXYPROGESTERONE, DHEAS, Estradiol, DH Suppression & Stimulation Tests, 
High Resolution Ultrasound
Color Flow Doppler
CT abdomen

PCOD Treatment

Treatment includes suppression of male hormone production & suppression of male hormone action at hair root levels.

1.) For Unwanted Facial Hair: 
a.) Cyproterone Acetate
b.) Ethinostriadol
c.) Finasteride
d.) Dutasteride
e.) Ketoconazole
f.) Flutamide
g.) Cimetidine
h.) Cyproheptadine
j.) Combined o. c. pills
k.) LASER TREATMENT: Permanent cure for the facial hair is LASER TREATMENT at good laser centre.
l.) I.P.L.
m.) ELOS
2.) For Late Periods: To bring normal periods
a) Medroxyprogesterone
b) Desgestrol
c) Megestrol
d) Norethisterone
e) Hydroxyprogesterone
f) Metformin
g) Glitazones
h) Oral E & P Combination Pills
i) Weight Reduction
j) Regular Isometric Exercises
k) Other Newer Treatments

3) For Infertility 
a) Clomiphene
b) Gonadotropin Therapy
c) HCG Therapy
d) Hmg therapy
e) Metformin
f) Glitazones
g) Laser Ovulation Induction
h) Tamoxifene
i) Letrozole
j) Diathermy of Ovaries


For consultation & treatment (by appointment / or online) click How to Consult Us






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