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Small Breast & Treatment 
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What is small breast?
Causes of small breast
How normal breast Develops
Investigations & Diagnosis

Treatment Options for Breast Enlargement
Hormone & Medicine Treatments
Breast Enlargement Surgeries
Response of treatment

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What is small breast: When the size of breast in girls is less than desired by girls, they feel it to be small. The ideal breast size is  36 inches.

How Normal Breast develops: All girls have same size of breast tissue in childhood. At the time of puberty i.e. beginning of genital development female hormone estradiol, adrenal hormone androstenidione, 17-oh Progesterone, DHEAS, Growth hormone, LH, FSH, increases & SHBG decreases, Thyroid Hormone also plays the role. These hormones then act on the various sensors (called receptors) in the breast tissue. After the interaction of hormones & receptors certain changes occurs in the functioning of cells of breast tissue so that breast cells starts growing in thickness & size & more & more fat starts depositing in the breast . thus breast size gradually starts increasing. Simultaneously it also increases the blood supply to breast tissue leading to more availability of growth factors to the breast tissue resulting in faster growth of breast tissue. These hormones & growth factors are in high concentration during peak of sexual development i.e. puberty leading to persistent stimulation of breast tissue for next two to three years i.e. up to completion of genital development. Thus in normal girls in two to three years full breast develop. 

Causes of Small Breast: In girls the small breast can be due to following causes:

1) Female hormones deficiency i.e. estradiol in body due to many of the below mentioned causes as leading to absence of estrogen production (hypogonadotropic hypogonadism). Craniopharyngioma.
2) Second cause for small breast is resistance of breast tissue to normal level of female hormone in the body. So that even though female hormone is normal in the body, but the breast tissue of these girls do not have sufficient receptors for female hormone leading to insufficient estrogen action meaning that female hormone is unable to work & breast do not grow well. But when female hormone level is further increased by female hormone replacement treatment & certain more medicines are given so that female hormones becomes more effective on breast, then breast tissue starts growing. Breast size then fully normalizes in six months to one-year time. 
3) Growth factor deficiency
4) Zinc Deficiency
5) Estrogen biosynthetic defects
6) Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
7) Congenital absence of breast bud
8) Lipoatrophy generalized
9) DSD : Disorder of Sexual Differentiation
10) Absence of estrogen receptors in breast tissue
12) Growth hormone deficiency due to hypopituiarism, pituitary disorders
13) Progeria
12) DRUGS: Cytotoxic Agents, Cyclophoamide, Vincristine,Ionising radiation, Azathioprine
13) Overmastectomy 
14) Structural Defects Of body fat cell so that they do not grow
15) Generalized hypoplastic syndrome
16) Dysmorphic Syndrome
17) Hyper Androgenism : High Androgen due to various causes leads to small breast size.

Investigations & Diagnosis:


For diagnosis of cause of absent or small breast we do following tests.

Complete hormone profile: LH, FSH, total testosterone, Prolactin, Androstenidione, SHBG, 17 HYDROXYPROGESTERONE, DHEAS, Estradiol, Progesterone, other hormone tests.

Suppression & Stimulation Tests,Karyotype
Genetic testing
Choromosome analysis
Pro. Challenge test
High Resolution Ultrasound
Diagnostic Therapeutic Response Test



Treatment Options for Breast Enlargement
Hormone & Medicine Treatments
Breast Enlargement Surgeries
Response of treatment

(Note: Name & Place mentioned in the testimonials have been changed by the patient to hide the identity but treatment response mentioned by him/her is real.)






I am writing this testimonial with great thanks to dr b k roy who really gave me a new life. I was suffering with severe depression due to my small breast problem because even at the age of 24 years my breast size was 30. I was also having menstrual irregularity. After investigation my hormone abnormality was detected and thus cause for small breast could be identified. Now after 14 months of treatment my breast size has become 34. This size increase has given boost to my confidence.
Shabnam, Meerut



I Kajal Tiwari ( name changed) age 22 year unmarried girl was having very small breast. I was having normal menstrual cycle still my size was small.
Interestingly my sisters & mother have good size breast. I was depressed for it. I took lot of herbal & ayurvedic treatment for last three years , still there was no response.  Luckily one day I came to know about Dr. B. K. Roy, Hormone centre Delhi . I took one year hormone therapy as prescribed by him for one year  MY breast SIZE HAS INCREASED by four inches. The drug was in the  form of one hormone tablet & one local hormone gel. These medicines I bought from market my self & they were not very costly also & no side effect.  Now I am quiet relaxed, confident & still continuing the treatment & expecting further improvement.
 Thank you dr roy for helping me
Kajal tiwari

My name Sheela ( not real name) 21 years I took two year hormone therapy for my small breast size from Dr. K. Roy hormone centre delhi. My size has increased from 30 inches to now 34 inches.

Now I feel much confident in interacting with friends. Previously I was fed up with wearing padded braw. I was unable to go to swimming pool due to this complex. To my surprise treatment was not costly also.

I wish I had taken treatment earlier so that those suffering could have been


I was very depressed due to my small breast problem so much so that I had stated avoiding my friends.
But just after six months of hormone therapy my bust size has increased by two inches. Now I am hopeful that I shall have a attractive beautiful breast


I am very happy now as my small breast have become satisfactorily big enough. Even at 21 year age my breast was just 28 inches size for which I took lot of ayurvedic pills, tablets creams & jells , but I did not get improvement. Finally dr b k roy gave me one year therapy of hormne by which now my breast size hs become 32 inches. It is really effective & has no side effects.
Tanvi ( name changed)



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