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 Less Beard & Moustaches

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How hair grow on face & body
Causes of Less Beard & Moustaches
of less beard & moustache 
Investigations & Diagnosis
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Response of treatment
Side effects of treatment


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How hair grows on face & body:  Every boy has same number of soft light colored hair on face in beard moustache area & other part of body. These are called vellus hair they are soft & light in colour , so that they are less easily visible. At the time of puberty i.e. beginning of genital development male hormone testosterone, adrenal hormone androstenidione, 17-oh Progesterone, DHEAS, Growth hormone, LH, FSH, DHT increases & SHBG decreases, THYROID Hormone also plays the role. These hormones changes lead to increased concentration of Free Testosterone, DHT & some more hormones. These hormones then act on the various sensors  (called receptors) in the air roots of face & other parts of body. After the interaction of hormones  & receptors certain changes occurs in the functioning of cells of hair roots so that hair starts growing in thickness & length, more black pigments (i.e. melanin) is produced so that hair becomes more dark also the blood supply in the hair root increases leading to more availability of growth factors to the hair roots resulting in faster, darker & stronger hair. These hormones growth factors are in high concentration during peak of secondary genital characters development i. e. puberty leading to persistent stimulation of hair growth for next two to three years i. e. up to completion of genital development. Thus in normal boys in two to three years full beard & moustache develops. 

Causes of Less Beard & Moustaches:  In boys the less beard & moustache can be due to following causes:

1) Male Hormone Deficiency: In which any of the male hormone as testosterone, androstenidione etc. may be low due to causes as hypothalamic disease, delayed and absent puberty, Kallman syndrome, idiopathic hypogoandotropic, hypogonadism, hypergonadotropic, hypogonadism, primary or secondary testicular failure, Klinefelterís syndrome & testosterone biosynthetic defect ,Growth factor deficiency, systemic disesases etc. 

2)  Growth hormone deficiency due to hypopituiarism, pituitary disorders

3)  Growth factor deficiency

4)  Zinc Deficiency

5)  Testosterone biosynthetic defects

6)  Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

7)  Absent development of hair roots

8)  Alopecia universalis

9)   Ninth Cause is resistance of hair roots to normal level of male hormones, in this disorder male hormone is normal in blood even then hair root do not grow because in hair root there is less male hormone receptor (i.e. sensor of male hormone) so that male hormone is unable to work & hair do not grow well. But when male hormone level is further increased by male hormone replacement treatment & certain more medicines are given so that male hormones becomes more effective on hair roots, then hair roots starts growing. Beard & moustaches then fully normalizes in six months to one-year time.

10) Absence of androgen receptors in hair roots.

11) Progeria

12) DRUGS:  Cytotoxic Agents, Cyclophoamide, Vincristine Ionising radiation, Azathioprine

13) Trichotelomania

14) Structural Defects Of Hair Shaft With Increased Fragility

15) Diffuse Nonscarring Alopecia

Investigations & Diagnosis: We take detail history to pinpoint the possible causes of this problem. After this we do certain blood tests to diagnose the possible cause of less facial hair in that particular patient. We do hormone tests , growth factors & other biochemistry all these tests are done by taking a single blood sample. Then there are tests to know whether male hormone is working on hair root or not i. e. to diagnose hair root resistance. At our diabetes & thyroid center we have most advance state of the art laboratory with all the modern facility for all above tests. After these tests we reach the final diagnosis.

Various tests needed are as follows:

complete male hormone profile: This profile includes all the male hormone tests which affects testosterone

 production & other genital functions.
-         Serum testosterone is either below normal range or on the lower side of normal.
-         Similarly free testosterone is either low or on lower side of normal.
-         SHBG
-         Adrenal Hormones
-         Thyroid test
Other tests which may be required depending on likelihood of the any of above causes.
Tests may show low testosterone. L.H. & F.S.H. may be decreased or may be normal. But for interpretation of all above tests one need to be expert of hormone diseases with good experience. Based on above test result diagnosis of cause of andropause is made, once the cause is found treatment becomes very simple. 

One need to do detailed investigations for other causes of low testosterone so that one does not misses any serious underlying diseases.

Treatment: First of all we investigate the patient & find the cause of less beard & moustache. The treatment consists of hormone therapy which is given in form of oral tablets or injections or local application as androgen cream.  By this treatment the deficient hormone is replaced & blood level of male hormones normalizes. When there is hormone resistance then we give certain medicine to increase the effectiveness of male hormone on hair roots leading to normal growth of beard & moustache. Then some additional drugs are given to increase the blood flow to hair roots. When more blood is available to the hair roots then more nutrients, vitamins, growth factors, & male hormone is delivered to the hairs then they start growing fast. These medicines are prescribed to the patient which can be bought from any good medical store. These medicines are available in all the good cities of India & other major cities of the world. These medicines have no side effects as these drug regimens are developed by many years of scientific studies by various research authorities & has not shown any side effects.

1.) Male Hormone Replacement: The various preparation of testosterone & route of administration are: 

 a)     Oral preparation that is available in capsule form. It needs to be given one to three capsules daily. These have no side effects. 

b) Transdermal Testosterone given as testosterone gel preparations.  It need to be applied any part of skiin once a day. It is very effective & has no side effects. 

c).  Transdermal Testosterone scrotal patch are also available which are very effective even if used in small doses. It is very effective & has no side effects.

d)  Sublingual Testosterone cyclodextrin is now available which is very fast acting & very effective is fast & better hair development on face. It is used as one tablet daily to be kept under the tongue for few minutes. It has no side effect and it is very effective.

e)  Local application of D.H.T. gel available as Andractim gel is a new preparation for male hormone replacement. 

f)   Injection Testosterone esters these includes Testosterone enanthate & testosterone cypionate given intramuscular injections every 10 to 14 days. 

g)  Long acting testosterone as testosterone bucilate given once in 4 months. 

h)  Testosterones implants are now available which once injected remain effective for up to six months.

2) Medicines to increase blood supply to hair root (Oral & Local Gels): Medical treatment (i.e. prescription of various drugs to increase blood supply to hair root & their rejuvenation etc are given to correct the basic cause found on investigations. These drugs increase the blood supply to hair root so that they if the hair roots are already present they start growing as in normal persons(as they are present in most cases of less beard moustache but are not growing due to various reasons mentioned above). These drugs dilate peripheral small arteries of beard & moustache area so that blood flows into hair root increases. There are various drugs, which are effective to increase blood supply to hair root. The particular drug needed in particular patient depends on the cause of Hair fall. Some time two or more drugs may be needed to be used in resistant cases. These drugs have no side effects. They arte not costly also, the total cost of per month treatment is Rs 300/= per month.

3) G.H. Therapy

4) IGF Therapy

5) Medical Growth Factors Therapy

5) Minerals & other micronutrient therapy

6) Ant microbial therapy when needed
7) Hair Transplant
8) Gene Therapy

Why doctors donít take this problem seriously: The problem of less beard & moustache is psychologically very painful for the patient who is suffering with this problem.  It makes them feel less manly among the friends. Similarly due to younger looks they are not given big responsibility at workplace. Sometimes even the prospect of promotions decreases. All this creates lot of mental stress in the patients. Unluckily majority of doctors do not take this problem seriously, because they think it to be more of cosmetic problem. Many patients come to our center from different cornerís of Indian cities including many from abroad too, all patient complained to me that majority doctors got there male hormone tested  & if it is normal they did not took this problem seriously & advised some vitamins & hormone if ever they gave it was not given in enough doses to overcome hormone resistance. Because most doctors do not take this problem seriously, thus do not read the scientific material available in detail due to lack of importance given by them.      At our center because we are specialize in exclusive treatment of hormone disorders we take this problem as seriously as any other hormone disease investigate this problem properly, reach to the root cause of less beard moustache has not come in that particular patient the we start the treatment.

Response of treatment: At our center we have treated successfully thousands of patients from different states of India & other parts of world. After start of treatment hair roots start growing after three week. But because hair root is deep inside the skiin & subcutaneous fat, it takes approximately 3 months to see any significant hair growth on the skiin surface. In next three months almost all hair starts getting darker & thicker & coarser as happens in adult male. It takes full one year to develop adult like dark & dense beard & moustache.  

Side effects of treatment: The treatment has no side effects because we give hormone & medicines in prescribed amount & these drugs are safe. 

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