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1. Male To Female Sex Change Hormone Therapy For Transgender / Transsexual

2. Female To Male Sex Change Hormone Therapy For Transgender / Transsexual


Male to Female Sex Change in Transgenders/ Transsexuals

For proper development of male body into female body requires treatment with
female hormone estrogen for two years. Along with female hormone therapy ,
their male hormone production from testis need to suppressed by various
treatment. Once good size of breast develops which takes aproximately one to two years. Skin texture changes hair growth slows & finally diminishes. Along with we also give treatment to decrease hair growth on face & body. Cosmetic treatmemt for hair reduction is also stated side by side. Finally once physical characters develop then by surgical reconstruction of vagina is done & testis & penis removed.
1. The various drugs which are required are as follows: 

1) Female hormones replacement: The replacement of female hormones is one of the common treatments for breast enlargement. The various female hormones are as follows: 
a) Estradiol
b) Conjugated equine estrogen
c) Estriol
d) Natural estrogens
e) Ethynyl Estradiol
f) Estrogen skiin patches
g) Estrogen vaginal creams
h) Medroxyprogesterone
i) Oral E & P Combination Pill

How this treatment works:-When we give above-mentioned hormones by any of the below-mentioned routes. The concentration of these hormones in blood circulation rises. This leads to binding of more hormones on estrogen receptors of breast. After binding with receptors these hormones leads to certain changes in the breast tissue. This leads to multiplication of breast tissue leading to further growth. This continued multiplication of breast tissue leads to further breast growth. This continued multiplication of breast tissue under the effect of above mentioned hormone treatment continues till breast size normalizes. Usually in one-year time breast size as well as texture i.e. firmness normalizes.
2. Anti male hormone therapy ( Anti Androgens) By this threatment male hormone testosterone level is decreased so thatr female hormones work better. We do this by Gnrh therapy , spironolactone.

3. Medical treatment For Reduction of  Facial Hair:  Treatment includes suppression of male hormone production & suppression of male hormone action at hair root levels.

a.)    Cyproterone Acetate

b.)   Spirolactone

c.)    Finasteride

d.)    Dutasteride

f.)      Flutamide

4.  LASER TREATMENT: Permanent cure for the facial hair is LASER TREATMENT at good laser centre.

a.)      I.P.L.

b.)  ELOS


d.)    IPULSE

5. Surgical therapy:  vagina creation & testis & penis removal surgery done later by specialized plastic surgeons

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